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Hi, I’m Lily Horvat! I’m a Cleveland-based illustrator that loves to explore many mediums including digital art, collage, and screenprinting. Having originally studied film in California during my first year of college, I hadn’t realized my love for illustration until I found myself getting more enjoyment out of my notebook margin doodles than writing scripts for classes. I eventually transferred schools and ended up back in my home state of Ohio to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art majoring in Illustration. There, I was able to grow my core skills and play with mediums I had never had the opportunity to try, which developed into my interests in experimental media like collage and printmaking.


I draw inspiration from numerous sources, such as movies, books and video games, specifically those that are more obscure and peculiar. My more “niche” interests are a large impact on the types of aesthetics I gravitate towards, which range from soft, friendly and nostalgic to visceral, angular and macabre. I love creating illustrations that elicit intense, specific emotions- whether that be capturing a cozy memory from childhood or invoking an eerie sense of uncanniness. 


I enjoy making illustrations and creating art that is meant to be used for a purpose. Instead of making illustrations that are just being viewed within pages or on a screen, I feel the most gratified when my work becomes a tangible, physical object. I screen print my illustrations onto clothing, create patches that can be sewn onto jackets and bags, and hand-sculpt pins and earrings from polymer clay. I aspire to create even more wearable works that are not only expressive and personalized, but are sustainable and one-of-a-kind unique.

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Client List:

Grog Shop

Cleveland Orchestra

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Kent, Ohio)

Haylee From Ohio (Etsy Shop)

People in the Daytime

Art Show Participation:

Cleveland Institute of Art Illustration Winter Show 2022

Cleveland Institute of Art "Pure Imagination" Fall Show 2022

Cleveland Institute of Art Holiday Sale (2021, 2022)

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